Autofocus Pro


Specifications : SPIRANT Autofocus Pro (VVB105CLA)

Oval Optic IOL (Advantages) :
• Covers full / larger horizontal visual field
• Hence no negative dysphotopsia

L-Loop Advantages :
• 6.0 mm arc length contact area at capsular bag fornix
• Larger area of friction, hence better rotational stability.
Conventional Round Optic IOL :
• Covers lesser than needed horizontal visual field
• Hence significant negative dysphotopsia in many cases


Modified C-Loop :
• Only loop tip is in contact at capsular bag fornix
• Small area of friction, hence lesser rotational stability.

A-constant, ACD, and surgeon / lens factor are theoretical estimates only. It is recommended that each surgeon develop his / her own values.
INDICATIONS: Indicated for primary implantation for the visual correction of aphakia in patients in whom the cataractous lens has been removed by an extra-capsular cataract extraction method. The lens is intended for placement in the capsular bag. Can also be implanted to correct presbyopia in appropriate spaces.
PRECAUTIONS: Physicians considering lens implantation under any of the following circumstances should weigh the potential risk/benefit ratio:
1. Recurrent severe anterior or posterior segment inflammation or uveitis.
2. Patients in whom the intra ocular lens may affect the ability to observe, diagnose, or treat posterior segment diseases.
3. Surgical difficulties at the time of cataract extraction, which might increase the potential for complications (eg, persistent bleeding, significant iris damage, uncontrolled positive pressure, or significant vitreous prolapse or loss).
4. A distorted eye due to previous trauma or developmental defect in which appropriate support of the IOL is not possible.
5. Circumstances that would result in damage to the endothelium during implantation.
6. Suspected microbial infection.
7. Children under the age of 2 years are not suitable candidates for intra ocular lenses.
8. Patients in whom either the posterior capsule or zonules are not intact enough to provide support.
WARNINGS: Do not attempt to re-sterilise the lens. Do not soak or rinse the intra ocular lens with any solution other than sterile balanced salt solution, sterile Ringer’s lactate or sterile normal saline. Do not store the lens at a temperature greater than 43°C (110°F). DO NOT FREEZE. Do not autoclave the intra ocular lens. Do not reuse the lens. It is intended for permanent implantation.